Summer here in Australia sees up spending much of our free time in the outdoors with our dogs, enjoying the beautiful weather, whilst also trying to keep cool! If, like me, you have a water-loving pooch, then you will certainly know how important it is to have toys that float (a mistake I have made a few times, haha) and are brightly coloured to make them easier to spot on those trips to the beach!

To get prepared for summer, we have compiled a list of our favourite products for summer.



We all know the importance of good quality toys for our dogs. They introduce extra excitement to play time and enrich our dogs lives. They can encourage certain behaviours in our dogs that bring out their natural instincts.

While some toys are suitable for solo-play, for now we are going to focus on toys designed for use when playing with your dog/s.

DOOG Stick Family Fetch Toys

These toys are perfect for a game of fetch with your dog. Because they float in the water,¬†they’re perfect for use in the pool or at the beach, without the fear of losing them on the bottom of the pool or in the surf.

These toys have been designed as a replacement for natural sticks, which can cause damage to a dogs throat if they are accidentally swallowed, especially due to the sharp edges of a broken stick.



Kong Wet Wubba

This toy is a favourite for Ruby!

These Kong toys are made with neoprene material (wet suit material) so they are perfect for water play! They are fast drying, float and the bright colours make them easy to find, especially at the beach. Unlike the other toys in the Kong Wubba range, these toys don’t contain a squeaker.
We would often use this toy when we were out swimming in the pool and Ruby would continue to play with it while rolling on the grass to dry off (before going in the pool again).
As these toys are designed for play with your dog, it isn’t recommended to leave your dog unsupervised with them as it’s likely if you’re dog are anything like mine, it will be pulled apart.


Splash Bombz

These toys have a neoprene core capable of holding water and a rubber outer. They can aid in keeping your pet hydrated during their playtime, but also a great toy to be played with when they’re dry as well. They float in water and are brightly coloured, so easy to find in the surf or pool. They are available in 3 different designs, a ring, bone or ball.




While toys are important, having handy accessories to make your outings easier are always helpful! There are many different things on the market, but these DOOG items are a few of our favourites for summer.


Walkie Belt

Whether it’s a walk at the park, or a trip to the beach. These walkie belts clip on around your waist and have handy pockets for poo bags and hand wipes (essentials for any walk) and get this, they even have a dispenser opening, so you don’t even have to struggle with opening pockets to access them! The pocket on the front can be used for your phone, keys or whatever other small items you need to take with you.
They’re also perfectly designed to attach other DOOG accessories, such as the folding bowls, towel or even the Stick family toys!
These are also available in a mini version that has less pockets and attachments for accessories, or if you want something bigger (to carry a drink bottle as well) the Walkie Bags have some of the same great features with the advantage of having the bag space as well.


Folding Bowl

When you’re on the go, having accessories that are compact are a must! These bowl fold flat and can be clipped over the waist band of the Walkie belts when not in use. When you and your pooch need to stop for a drink, simply clip the press studs together to create the bowl shape and fill with water. Once your dog has finished drinking, empty the bowl, undo the press studs and fold it back down. This saves carrying a drink bottle for yourself and one for your dog.

These bowls are available in either pink or blue


Neoprene Collar, Lead and Harness

When you have a dog that enjoys a swim, having a collar, lead and harness that are designed to be used in the water are a must! Made from neoprene (wet suit) material, these products made by DOOG are the perfect summer accessory. They are quick drying and easy to wash after a swim in the salt ocean water. Neoprene also has an antibacterial agent and draws moisture away from the skin. There products are lightweight and don’t rub, so they are suitable for dogs who have sensitive skin.
With 7 different prints to choose from, your bound to find one to suit your pooch!




Swim Towel

Once your dog has been for a swim, getting the dry is a whole new battle you have to deal with! I used to use old beach towels for our dogs after a trip to the beach to dry them off as much as possible before getting them back into the car, but I found they got soaked extremely quickly and I was left with wet-dog smelling towels (yuck!). Then I discovered these towels, they work like a shammy so you can squeeze the water out of them and keep using them (meaning only 1 needed no matter how many furry friends you have with you). Because these towels also have anti-bacterial properties, they help minimise that wet-dog smell (wooohoooo).

The handy carry bag for these towels can easily clip onto the carabineer of the Walkie belts so you can take them along with you and still have your hand free for dog-wrangling.


So that sums up some of our favourite things for making the most of the summer weather with your furry friends! Do you have something you think should be included? Let us know! We love hearing from you about what items are some of your “must haves”






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