About Us

Winston & Ruby was established in Perth, WA, in 2013 after I was found myself struggling to find good quality items for my dogs that wouldn't break the bank.

The business is named after our dogs. 

Winston (Kelpie x Labrador) joined our family in 2012 after we adopted him from a rescue at 8 weeks of age.

Winston is the larrikin of the family, he loves everyone and is always determined to be friends with whoever he meets (even if they aren't dog people). He had been a wonderful foster brother for some short term foster puppies we have cared for and been a great role model for them.

A year later, Ruby (Dalmatian) joined the family, she came from a wonderful breeder here in WA.
Ruby is a typical Dalmatian, a "velcro" dog who always has to be by your side, getting all the pats. While she can be stubborn, she is very smart and will do things her own way, when she is ready.


I am a passionate dog-owner who has always had a dog in the family from a young age.
While I work in the science field, I've always been a "crazy dog lady" and put this passion into my business.