Chunky Knit Jumper




This luxurious Chunky Knit Jumper from Huskimo is the perfect way to keep your pooch warm this winter!

The stretch of the knit means it has a stretch fit and hugs all body types and shapes!

They come in 8 different sizes; 22cm, 27cm, 33cm, 40cm, 52.5cm , 60cm and 67cm

If you need a larger size, check out the Cable Knit jumpers, which are available in sizes up to 80cm

Sizing Guide

To get the right size for your dog, simply measure the length from the base of their neck, to the base of their tail. This measurement corresponds with the coat sizes, so if your dog is a bit longer than the sizes available, they might get a bit of a cold back end!

Washing Instructions

Machine washable! Just put them through a gentle cycle and dry in the shade to prevent the colours from fading

Please be aware the colours of the jumpers may appear slightly different in real life due to screen settings on devices and camera lighting.


Additional information


Turquoise, Black, Grey, Raspberry


22cm, 27cm, 33cm, 40cm, 52.5cm, 60cm, 67cm