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To get an shipping quote and order a TuffMat! please send an email to info@winstonandruby.com.au and let us know the size of bed you require and the delivery postcode.
The current turn around time is approximately 3-4 weeks on TuffMat!'s

TuffMat! Key features are:

  • Fully sealed in our commercial-grade rip-resistant material. Perfect for scratching/ clawing and outdoor usage.
  • Odour-resistant & Low-allergen - it won't hold smell!
  • Waterproof - not water-resistant. Simply hose to clean. Great for incontinent / messy dogs.
  • Therapeutic bed - absorbs / relieves pressure from dog's joints and muscles.
  • Great for all life stages - from pup to elderly.
  • Doesn't need re-stuffing. Not filled with Dacron/ Plastic. Five Year Comfort Guarantee. Your dog's bed will not flatten.
  • Rounded corners mitigates chewing. Double-stitched.
  • NO zips or Velcro reducing destructive attention.
  • Fleas and germs can't live in these Australian made beds.
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty on workmanship.
  • Australian made in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
  • 100% non-toxic - no formaldehyde or dangerous toxins in our bedding.

Designed for all dogs, from young & energetic to old & arthritic.


    Small - 71cm x 45cm x 8cm 

    Medium - 87cm x 60cm x 8cm 

    Large - 102cm x 73cm x 10cm 

    Extra Large - 123cm x 85cm x 10cm

    Not sure of the size? Check our Sizing guide or send us a message!

    Rover Pet Products have conducted significant research and development into the design of their TuffMat!, and as every dog is different we do not offer a guarantee that the TuffMat! is indestructible. The TuffMat! is designed for ripping and tearing behaviours, not chewing behaviours. Introduce slowly to destructive dogs. If your dog is a chewer and you'd like them to have an orthopaedic supportive bed, we recommend introducing the TuffMat! slowly, as a reward and paired with our durable chew toy range.